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                                                                                              Supermarket POS program provides Supermarket retailers with a solid tool to help them manage their business.

• Rapid promotion and price management
• Secure programs with employee tracking
• Margin control
• Easy to use and easy to train
Point of Sale
Tagsoft Supermarket point of sale is designed for ease of use and customer service. It includes customizable touch screen and keyboard functionality along with on-screen advertising. Security is ensured by defining which functions can be performed by specific employees and which options are available when using the point of sale.
Product Management
The heart of the system – set up and maintains your product file all from one screen! Create products, track their costs from multiple vendors, and set the retail price.
Product Reports
Summarize your store’s information so you can make the most informed decisions. Sales reports allow you to monitor and improve margins, review sales values, and maintain the product file.
Cash Management
The best way to manage funds that are accepted at the till. Compare your cash drawer against the computer or through blind balancing, define the types of payment that can be tendered, and create bank deposit reports.
Inventory Control
Track your inventory on hand in real time and update records after physical inventory counts.
Set up your program from the point of sale to the back office so that each user is permitted to use only those areas that you specify with the use of passwords and trust levels.
A simple tool that allows you to manage the people and companies associated with your store. Keep close track of employee and vendor information.