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                                                               Is it the right solution for your business?

  • Are you in a business that transacts in items that have similar attributes like size,     color, or style?
  • Did you feel the need to have your item codes as concatenated item attributes?
  • Did you always want to filter items based on their attributes that just codes?
  • Do you always tend to lose time while defining new product range with sizes, colors and styles – seriously hampering your Go-To-Market?
  • Do you feel the need of automatic Barcode creation based on a template?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above then you need the Item Matrix from TAGSOFT

Why is Item Matrix different?

In today’s competitive market the customers have become ever demanding and expect choices. Irrespective of the merchandize being offered – apparel, jewelry, hardware, sporting goods – the complexity of managing inventory with a variety of features like color; size and style can overload standard order entry and inventory systems.

In retail industry, not only is the information about an item’s availability critical but also its definition. Items and Barcode which are appropriately coded and have an ability to be searched based on different attributes; increase the possibility of an up-sell during a sale transaction.

Item Matrix is a solution offering that is seamlessly integrated with Tagsoft. It extends the single level item definition schema of Tagsoft and allows creation of variants items. Item Matrix does that by creating and attaching different attributes to items. These attributes can then be inherited by the characteristics variables.

How does Item Matrix help my business?

By using Item Matrix, business benefits can be accrued at both levels – tactical as well as strategically. 

Business Need

Delivery Benefits

Reduce Order Entry Time

The Item Matrix solution provides matrix order entry capability, enabling visibility of full product range so that you can quickly enter sales and purchase orders

Speed up Item Master Management

The Item Matrix solution provides a quick way to set up a product range for new multi-attribute items. Instead of creating each item one at a time as in traditional item master data management, you can set up a template of Barcodes with product attributes and attribute values. Complete or partial range of Barcodes can further be converted to matrix characteristics in a single go. This capability saves considerable time.

Improve Inventory Visibility

The Item Matrix solution allows you to view inventory information for multi-attribute items in a single unified view.