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Privacy Policy                            Designed By Hani Samir 
If you are looking for point of sale software for your Restaurant then you need to consider ours. Our Restaurant POS software is designed with ease of use as the highest priority. We have an idea that POS software is too complicated and we have listened to what our customers have told us, incorporating the features you want and keeping it simple. So, try our software and tell us what you think. And together we'll deliver the perfect POS system for you

• Track Waiter Sales
• Print Orders to Kitchen
• Print Drinks to Bar
• Touch Screen Operation
• Scanner or Keyboard
• Low Margin Warnings
• Inventory Order Estimator
• Enhanced Reports
• Expanded Customer Info
• Inventory Control
• Manpower Planning
• Automatic Tax Rates
• Automatic Discounts
• Touch Screen or Mouse
• Sales Commission
• Recipe Manager • Multiple Restaurant Menus
• Split Payments
• Split Tickets
• Take Reservations
• Track Tables and Tips
• Edit Closed Invoices
• Company Logo on Ticket
• Unlimited Mailing List
• Build Plates from sides
• Club or Member Discounts
• Comments on Receipts
• Private Sale Comments
• Bad Check Tracking
• Multiple Open Sales
• Product & Logo Pictures
• Time Clock

Versatile and cost-effective point-of-sale solution for businesses.
Network Compatible
ezPower POS Network works with all networks. Connect as many registers as you need. Maintain a single inventory with password security allowing only the manager access to reports and price changing. Simple and easy to connect. Nothing to register or program; as simple as opening a file. POS ezPower Network provides the network access and manager tools.
Touch Screen / Scanner
Touch screen and Bar code scanner use for the simplest operation. No other pos retail software is as simple to use.
Scanner / Keyboard
Scanner and Keyboard use for mouse less operation. Quick and easy point of purchase capture without having to use a mouse.
Low Margin Warning
Turn on 'Low Margin Warning' and POS will check every sale for items selling below your settings and warn the operator. Want to know where the money went? Search previous sales for items falling below your margin settings.
Re-Order Estimator
POS will estimate how much to re-order based on past sales. This will help with cash flow by reducing your excess inventory.
Process Sales
Quick and Easy sales processing with automatic markdowns or on the fly percentage mark downs. Sales tax, discounts, shipping and handling charges. Bar code entry, item number entry or on the fly entry.
Quality Service
We believe in our products and stand by them. Buy with the confidence that your getting exactly what you want and with a company that will be there when you need us.
Inventory Control Management
Inventory Control Software: inventory tracking by Vendor, Low Quantity, Description or Category.
Track Sales History
Sales summaries by Time, Cashier, Customer, Vendor or Products.
Customer Categories
Customers can be assigned a category, such as Wholesale, Retail, Employee. Each category can have it's own discount rate and tax rate.
Customer Information
Optionally collect customer information.
One Button Sales Totals
With one button find out today's/yesterdays sales, this/last week, this/last quarter, or this/last year.
On the Fly Inventory Entry
Add to your inventory database quickly and easily all at once or on the fly with pop open easy access windows.
Cash Drawer Reconciliation
Fast and accurate drawer totals with simple counting and itemized payment categories.